The Federal Reserve

Mother of all Credit Cards


The Federal Reserve is an hybrid corporation/international banking cartel that is a unaudited monopoly that controls the Federal money supply.  Its main objective is to loan the Federal government, as a financial partner,  with credit for which it collects interest (service charge)

at the rate of 3% and higher and controls the United States by the following:


 - It can print more money at any time (no longer backed by gold or silver) in order to

   bailout corporations,  mortgages and artificially prop up the stock market.

 - By raising and lowering the service charge, it can completely control retirement

   accounts, purchases, real estate, corporate  production, employment-to name just

   a few.

 - When it prints more paper currency, it determines the value of the dollar.

 - Since it holds complete  control over the Congress and the President, it can even

   dictate our involvement in wars.

 - Because it functions like a credit card company, it has no desire to have the National

   debt paid off!


Why would it not want the debt paid off?  Because those who own and control it have

everything to gain by having you make payments (all of your tax liability) toward this

National debt instead of toward the principal.  In fact, their main goal is to raise this debt

so that they can earn more service charge (tax collection).  This is a whole lot better than your

local credit card company.   Why, you might ask!  Because like credit card companies

they make their money on interest, the FR never has to entice you when you can't pay,  by

cutting what you owe in half.  You are always on the hook for income taxes and they have

their agents (IRS-paid for by you) to collect taxes (service charge) plus interest and penalties

 if your late.  It's a win win situation.  It gets better than this, the fonzi scheme only requires

there be 10% worthless paper value of reserve for loans.  So if you create 10% of nothing

 and are allowed to loan 10 to 1 for this 10% of nothing-you get a very nice return on nothing.


The tragic part of this is, at any time they can raise the service charge on the debt and demand

that you pay a higher tax.  Suppose they raised the rate from 3 or 3.5% to 7%.  What

would that do to the amount our government charges you and me in the way of increased

taxes?   Now your talking double the tax we have to pay solely toward the service charge

 on the National debt.  Because international parties own this debt, it puts our Nation at risk, and inaccordance with Article III Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States, our President and our Congress can be tried for treason since this aids and abets our enemies.   Every time Congress creates an expenditure for which there is no funds available and the Federal Reserve lets them use a credit card for payment, an act of treason has been committed.


How do we keep  this from happening?   We simply do what the Constitution says in

Article I Section 8 and let Congress collect an allowance (tax) FROM THE STATES with the

allocated budget amounts determined by We the People and obligated by the Constitution.

After dismantling the Federal Reserve, we need set up a U.S. Fund that will not charge

a service charge on the National debt, will not need to loan Congress money and eliminate

the credit cards they so liberally use at We the Peoples' expense.  This Constitutional monetary system, backed by gold and silver, may have to be done locally across counties first and then pressure their states to form The Constitutional Alliance of the U.S.A.  and the resulting U.S.A. Fund.  


What does the future hold if the Federal Reserve is allowed to continue on with its fonzi scheme?  They will keep giving the President and Congress all the money (printed) they

want until they announce the dollar is worthless.  At that point, they will say that this is an emergency and that a world monetary system must be established putting them (the international bank cartels private investors) in complete control of the worlds economy and making everyone subservient to them.    At that point, we will have lost all our remaining freedom.

See:  The Money Masters Google video.  Keep in mind that when they were filming this the national debt was 5 trillion.  Now it's 13.650 trillion!

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