AllianceUSA Banners                     Take back America!

      Use this support label banner as your Email signature.


     Click on this file name AllianceUSA231x97.png    Then right click on

     the red, white and blue  label that comes up and save it to your flash or

     hard drive for future use.

     How to make AllianceUSA bumper stickers for you, family or friends.

     Step 1:  Click on this filename AllianceUSA1800x650.png

     Step 2:  Make sure that you have a single sheet of  Water Proof Ink Jet

     Self-Adhesive Vinyl Paper  loaded in the printer.  (Any Office Supply)

     Step 3: After clicking on the .png  file above  you will  see two bumper

     banners on one  page.   Select Print Preview mode from your browser

     file  menu and change the print option from portrait to landscape.

     Step 4: From the Print Preview you should now see two banners.

     Step 5: Select the Printer Icon at the top of the Print Preview page.

     Step 6: Attach a Glossy Laminate Sheet over the two banners.

     (Any Office  Supply)

     Step 7: Use a Ruler or Credit Card to remove any bubbles and then use

     a razor to cut between the the two banners along the white line and trim the

     edges as well.  Be Careful!

     Step 8: Remove the Adhesive Protector from the back of the bumper

     stickers and apply them  to the left and right sides of your vehicle's rear


     Here is a video on how to make a bumper sticker.  Since the bumper

     stickers are already created, you may skip the first four steps of the

     video and start with step 5.  If you are a large organization that supports

     the Alliance, you may want to upload your saved .png file to an Internet

     site that prints in high volume  to save money!

                                         Here's the video. Enjoy!